Introducing Di Crosfield, our new magical MD!

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We are very very fortunate to have recently secured Di Crosfield as our new Musical Director. Di’s influence has been transformational; she brings a wealth of experience to enrich our singing and she is great fun to work with so we consider ourselves lucky indeed.  A few words from Di:

‘Why, after over 20 years of singing Great Choral Works, Opera and Light Opera, did I transfer to
the A cappella barbershop genre? Answer: Simply for the absolute joy of ringing chords; the hairs standing up, the goose spots moments produced entirely by the pure use of voices, plus the fun of close harmony singing and friendship.

During the 40 years I have been with LABBSI have had the privilege of singing with and directing lovely Choruses and people with some success, including the Phoenix Small Chorus Trophy. It has been interesting to watch as we as an Association improved and the music “snobs” realised that this genre is not as easy as it first appears; it requires a great deal of discipline and an understanding of vocal production including balance and blend of the unit, and performance qualities which enables us to achieve the expansion of sound which brings about the “magic” of Barbershop.

Having a great deal of experience in singing including many lessons and of course the help of some LABBS Educators I love to impart this knowledge. To see the “light bulb” moment after I have made a suggestion, the singers try it and yes, Wow, overtones are heard, I love it!!

Back in November 2016 I retired from directing the Tudor Roses, Winchester, having been with them for 17 years. I thought that would be “it”, joined Club at Large, became the Liaison Officer for Guildford Harmony and suddenly found myself their MD. My days of having less commitment to Barbershop were soon over but I am so happy to be back in harness again with such a lovely bunch of “gals”, small in number but large in their enthusiasm for Barbershop.

Now I would like to enable us to make music together, enjoyed by all: build confidence, have fun, recruit new Members and make those chords ring!’

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